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Exploring the Globe Sustainably

Sustainable Tourism is at the core of Lotus DMC's mission and serves as the foundation of our establishment. Striving for a harmonious balance between the needs of a destination and the traveller is a challenging endeavour, but it's far from impossible. Our commitment lies in contributing to the local economy, generating employment opportunities, preserving the local culture, art, and cuisine, while also enriching the local biodiversity. Simultaneously, we provide an authentic local experience to our travellers, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the destination. This ethos is what we term as "Meaningful Travel," often referred to as "sustainable tourism" or "responsible tourism" in literature.

As beautifully articulated by Julia Carney in her poem "Little Things," Little drops of water, /Little grains of sand, /Make the mighty ocean/And the pleasant land./So the little minutes,/Humble though they be,/Make the mighty ages/Of eternity" we firmly believe that small efforts can lead to significant impacts. A modest beginning in the remote village of Bengre, located in the outskirts of Mangalore city in South India, has brought smiles to many under-privileged children, improved the infrastructure of the village's sole school, supported the local community, enriched the local biodiversity, and provide satisfaction to thousands of visiting cruise tourists. Project Bengre stands as a pioneering initiative in the Indian sub-continent as far as cruise tourism is concerned.

The founders of Lotus DMC were trailblazers in implementing sustainable practices long before these concepts gained widespread recognition and Instrumental in putting Kumbalangi Village and Vaikom Village in Kerala on the map for international tourists. Our belief in collaborating with local communities, empowering them through tourism, and offering genuine local experiences to our guests has been the driving force behind our mission.

Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, with new projects in India, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka currently in progress. Our dedication to "Meaningful Travel" promises to introduce you to new and immersive experiences that resonate with the destination, leaving a positive impact on the hearts of local people and communities. We aim to bring smiles to both the locals you interact with and the satisfaction within yourself. May your next journey be a true "Meaningful Travel".



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